Essay on The Wife Of Bath By Geoffrey Chaucer

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In Geoffrey Chaucer’s story, The Wife of Bath, a knight from King Arthur 's court rapes beautiful young women. The king declares that he should be killed but the queen gives him a second chance to save his life. She presents the knight with a challenge, he has a year to find out what women want most. He searches everywhere but cannot find the answer until he meets an old lady. She helps him in his quest in return for a reward. They go to the court and he tells the queen that women want dominance over their husbands. His life is spared, but the old lady demands that he marry her. He refuses because of her ugliness. So she proposed a question, “would you rather marry me and ugly old hag who will stay faithful to you for the rest of your life or a beautiful young woman who is more likely to be unfaithful?”
Some couples today and even back then have a similar relationship to the knight and the old lady. The knight did not care that the old lady saved his life all he cared about was how beautiful she was. When most people are searching for a partner in life, they mainly look at a person 's outer appearance rather than their inner beauty. They want to find a person with the best looks or the most money rather than a person who has the kindest heart. An example of this is seen in A Midsummer Night 's Dream when Helena gets jealous of Hermia and Lysander’s love. In this scene Helena says, “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind,” (Shakespeare 234). Again when most people are…

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