The Wife Of Bath By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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The Wife of Bath
The Wife of Bath written by Geoffrey Chaucer explicates the complex portrait of medieval women. From the story, the wife of bath seems to be shameless about her sexual exploits in the society and makes use of her sexual power to attain whatever she wishes. On the other hand, her actions confirm the negative stereotypes regarding women implying that they are deceitful and manipulative. Although the majority of actions appear to be rebellious against the male-dominated society, as well as, the medieval period for women; whatever she engages in does seem to enlighten the women of her times and brings revolutionary. In the story, this female character stereotype is meant to embody the characteristics of females such as arrogance, stupidity, lewdness and deceitfulness among others (Chaucer). The author, Chaucer, wants readers to disapprove the wife of bath for her personality. This paper will focus on why the wife of bath should not be criticized for her character despite the fact that it is against the church and societal doctrine. Her actions, though mostly for personal gain, was meant to elucidate the position of women in life and marriage.
From the story, the wife of bath simply confronts a number of social issues that were eminent during her time to explicate the oppressions that women faced. The first social issue that she addresses is the hierarchy of marriage. The wife of bath asserts that husbands need to submit to their wives and that it is women who…

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