The Wife Of Bath By Geoffrey Chaucer Essays

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“The Wife of Bath” is a poem written by Geoffrey Chaucer. This poem provides great insight on the women’s role in the late middle ages. Women were taught to be obedient to their husbands and their only job was to run the household and raise children. The Wife of Bath on the other hand has a different idea on women’s roles. In her lengthy prologue she suggest that women should have power over their lovers and husbands rather than the way it is. The Wife of Bath is known as a very strong, independent, dominant character who gets what she wants, which includes five husbands. In her tale of the Wife of Bath she shares a story about an older women gaining control over her husband. The true character of the Wife of Bath is revealed in her tale of the female superiority and dominance through the character of the old women. The Wife of Bath, Alison, has many strong characteristics that are shown in the prologue to the Canterbury Tales and in the prologue of the Wife of Bath’s. Throughout the prologue Alison gives her whole life story, it is one of the longest prologues in the entire Canterbury Tales with 856 lines. In this prologue she shares about her marriages with her five husband. She marries Jankyn, who is twenty yeas old, Alison is around 40 years old. Despite the age difference Alison is sure she could keep up with his youthfulness. She regrets marrying someone younger though because he is not as submissive and does not take her abuse like the older husbands did. Alison…

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