The Wicked Witch Character Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… I think that anyone remotely cares about others would be quite pissed off after reading about this event in Ashley’s life. I didn’t really expect this event to occur when I started reading the book. I knew that at some point there was going to be at least one really bad foster home but I wasn’t expecting anything like the home of Mr. and Mrs. Moss. I suspected something bad was going to happen when I had come across the chapter titled “The Wicked Witch.” With no help from the new case worker, Miles Ferris, Ashley and the rest of the children had to suffer under the care of Mrs. Moss. The cruelty of punishments she used was way too brutal. When Ashley first arrived to the house and was instructed to lock everything up in storage, my emotions went on edge and I started to analyze Mrs. Moss immediately as an antagonist. After the first time she used hot sauce on the kids, I was genuinely angry. I felt such hurt and anger for all of the children in that house and wonder how no one ever did anything to help those children. With events that occurred at the house, there is no way that no one knew anything. When I found out she was leaving the house, I was extremely relieved but still heartbroken for the

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