The ' Why Do You Pray? Essay

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First, I chose this quotation because it helps establish Eliezer’s spiritual standings that will be represented throughout the book. To explain, this quotation is important because it allows Eliezer to find the answer to the original question that appeared earlier “Why do you pray?”. Throughout the book, Eliezer is angry and questions why God has placed him on this disagreeable path. In addition to having this quotation, it gives Eliezer the opportunity to find the answers to his questions within his soul until it is his time to meet God and find out all of the true answers. Although, there are many symbols in this book, this is one of the most significant symbols. To explain, I see the orchard of mystical truth as Heaven. In the same way, as I see that everyone has an individualized path to both heaven and to the orchard. Similarly, it is important that one adheres to the path that was created for themselves, otherwise it could be dangerous. In addition to the irony that this quotation will later posses in the book, the quote is what makes this book possible. To explain, had the family listened to Moshe, the would be able to prepare for the catastrophe that would later occur. Furthermore, the family could have looked for an opportunity to escape and even warn others. Therefore, Moshe is the factor that could have completely changed the Holocaust and some of the effects that it posses.Without a doubt, this quote describes the Jewish population and their strength they…

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