Essay about The White Women Of The Black Blood

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efforts to show her off. Although her skin was too light to match the blacks in Harlem, it was much too dark to fit in with the white community in Denmark. In this instance, her difference is considered beautiful and her relatives racialize Helga by treating her as a mysterious exotic creature to decorate rather than a human being because of her black blood. Similarly, the white women of Denmark do not view Helga in the same light that they view one another. At a party, Helga attracted the attention of the men but the women are not jealous or even mildly upset because “to them this girl, this Helga Crane, this mysterious niece of the Dahls, was not to be reckoned seriously in their scheme of things. True she was attractive, unusual, in an exotic, almost savage way, but she wasn’t one of them. She didn’t at all count” (Larsen 593). These women may not be conscious of their cruelty towards Helga because it may not seen apparent, since they are civil and even welcoming towards her. However, because of her darker skin, they have racialized her by viewing her as a mere subject that is to be dolled up and praised but not considered human to the same extent as a white person. They do not react to her attraction of men because they believe that white men may look at her but they would never dare to date or marry this strange black woman. Nevertheless, Helga does catch the eye of a daring imaginative man who struggled to claim her.
According to African American literature,…

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