The White Woman - Original Writing Essay

1646 Words Oct 29th, 2015 7 Pages
Early in the morning, just as I was going to make some breakfast, I see a white lady up on my front porch, looking very nervous. She anxiously shifts her weight from foot to foot, but after a few minutes had passed, she hesitantly knocked on the door. I put on my white dress that is a bit too small, making it hard for me to bend over and walk upright. I peek outside the door’s window to make sure I was not hallucinating about the white woman. It’s been twenty years since Miss Leefolt had fired me, but Miss Hilly hasn’t been talking to anyone about the book. Spect she don’t want anyone to know about the real incident of the poo pie. I take in a deep breath, grasped the door’s handle, and, and opened it. I look at the lady in front of me, before saying, “Ma’am, I haven’t been no maid for years now, if that’s why you here.” The lady is in her early twenties, with a chubby white face, and blonde curls running down to her hips. She’s got a fat bow on her head, like a baby girl, a long ugly green dress, stockings, and boots. Her face got lots of makeup, but it looks like she just discovered it and don’t know how to put it on right. Her big eyes fill up with tears, and her chin wobbles as she says, “Aibie?”
‘Aibie?’ No one had called me that for years. Minnie’s kids never call me that; only the white babies. I finally see a big ol’ bald spot on top of her head. “Mae Mobely?” I ask, afraid that it ain’t her and I’m just dreaming all this. Could it really be my baby girl?…

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