The White Tiger Essay

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The White Tiger

The rooster coop is cages in the Delhi markets, with hundreds of hens and roosters stuffed in them. They can barely breath, and they emit a smell of terrified flesh. On top of the cage sits a butcher, showing of the organs of there recently murdered brothers. They smell the blood, and they see the bodies. They know they're next, but yet they don't do anything about it.
The narrator tells that the exact same thing is done with humans in india. He compares the chickens living in a miserable condition, with the poor class in India. Ther're masters and there're servants. 99,9 percent of the Indian population is a member of the rooster coop. They are oppressed by the masters. They often get the chance to steal a black
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To be able to break out you have to be prepared to see your family destroyed, hunted, beaten.

When Balram says that it would take a white tiger to break out of the coop, he means that it would take a special person. A one of a kind. One who is intelligent, honest, and vivacious.
When he calls himself a social entrepreneur he means that he is the first one to break out of the coop, and he is a role model for all the others caught in the rooster coop. To be entrepreneur it requires you to overcome hardship, to remain stedfast to your goals, and in the end you have to be rewarded with a gold medal of succes.

Balram feels it was necessary to kill in order to break out of the coop, and in order to be a man. He says the murder has darkened his soul, and all the skin whitening cream sold in India wont be able to clean his hands. To get what you want, somebody always got to hurt. He is shameful for his actions, but in his case it needed to be done so he could live his life as a free man.

The narrators future plans is to go into real estate. Then after a few years when he have earned a lot of money, because of all the Americans buying apartment in Bangalore in the future, he will start a English language school for poor people, where only the facts of life will be taught them. IT shall be a whole school of white tigers.

Ok besvarelse – men husk at stednavne skal være med stort.

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