The White Ribbon Organization Is Aimed At Tackling The Domestic Violence Issue

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The White Ribbon organisation is aimed at tackling the domestic violence issue. As their campaign is male led, it recognizes that domestic violence is not just a women’s issue but an issue to both genders, it aims to reduce the prevalence of violence against women (What is White Ribbon?, 2014). The chief executive of White Ribbon, Libby Davis states that “We are working on prevention that is enabling change in attitudes and behaviours that absolutely allows violence to take place in the first place” (Davies, 2015). It does this through promoting the issue in schools, for youths, in workplaces and through annual campaigns. It employs several of the key action areas in the Ottawa Charter to promote an acceptable level of wellbeing for women, such as Creating Supportive Environments, Developing Personal Skills and Strengthening Community Actions. It does this through specific targeted programs. These targeted programs allow for the learning of new information and skills which is facilitated in schools and workplaces. It supports the personal and social development as well as enhances the life skills of the person (The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, 1986). The organisation is culminating change through programs in the workplace and at schools. Programs in the workplace directly relate all of these elements as it mitigates the risk of violence against women as well as an increased knowledge and skills. Another program within this campaign is ‘Breaking the Silence’, aimed at…

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