The White Of White Privilege Essay

1140 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
White privilege is a term used to represent the natural advantage whites have. Many people believe this is why so many white officers get away with murdering black males. “African Americans ' general reactions to deaths like Trayvon Martin as well as the link in addition to Black racial identity cluster profiles and race-related lead to stress reactions” (Blackmon 282). Murder leads to more than just sorrow of the victim’s family. Once someone of the black race is murdered out of hate for the race, it creates violent protests and animosity toward the white race. Being black in America singles you out more than any other race. You are held to higher standards and expectations even though it seems as if everyone is against you.
Not only is the white race contributing to the downfalls of blacks, but so is the black race itself. According to Smith, “Peer homicide how grown to become a common experience for young black men and identified the need for traumatic and grief interventions” (487). The childhood of someone has a heavy influence on the way they grow up. Growing up in violent or careless households may be how someone might raise their family one day just because that is what they were taught. Quite often, young black boys who grow up around drugs grow up to be drug dealers or drop out of school. In order to make a living, they may have to rob the people of their own community. In order to make a name for themselves they may have to harm someone who has done them no…

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