The White Man 's Burden By Rudyard Kipling Essay example

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Imperialism is the idea of colonial expansion by the European powers and political, economic, and social ideas being brought into another country by the European powers. Africa and Asia were the two countries that Europe put their focus on. The Europeans had started to look at Africa and Asia for future imperial conquests. When Africa and Asia had started to be looked at, the Europeans had noticed that the natives were “uncivilized” and “uncolonized”. The Europeans then started to think that it was their duty to change the lives of the natives. The impact that imperialism had on the countries and people were amazing. Although life became improved and advanced for the Africans and Asians, it still had a negative impact on them. By the time that people noticed that the idea of imperialism was bad, many wars occurred and many innocent people died. Document 1 is the poem called “The White Man’s Burden” written by British poet Rudyard Kipling. Kipling used his poem to support the idea of imperialism and by doing so, a lot of intel on how the europeans really felt about the natives was exposed. Other documents, such as Documents 2, 5, 6, and 7, were used as evidence on the impacts of imperialism. In the early 1800’s, Europeans started to move in closer in the interior of Africa. They were fascinated by African geography, but had little understanding of the people they met. Catholic and Christian missionaries also followed the explorers. They sought to win the africans to…

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