The, White, And White Allyship Essay

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There has been a lot of discussion surround "white allies" and "white allyship". Most of the mainstream discussions about the topic do not really take into account what people of color need in an ally. This is one woman of color 's take on what White people need to do if they want to be an effective, anti-racist ally.

Step 1: Acknowledge that Being White Gives You A Distinct & Tangible Advantage!

Before a White person can even consider joining the fight for the liberation of Black people or any other racial or ethnic minority, that individual must acknowledge that because our society is rooted in White Supremacy and the belief that people of color are inferior, being White is a distinct and tangible advantage.

When racial and ethnic minorities try to communicate on online platforms, during protests/rallies or to White people directly that White privilege exists, we are usually met with extreme hostility or the question "How can I have White privilege when I am ______ or ______ has happened to me?". One concrete example of this was when a White student in a class of mine told me that he could not have White privilege because he has been stopped by police before because he lives in a low income neighborhood in Philadelphia and was assumed to be in possession of marijuana. My response to that White student was "Do you understand that if you were an 18-year-old Black boy that you would not be alive to tell me this story? Do you understand that if you were a Black boy who…

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