The Whaling Adventure In Herman Melville's Moby Dick

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I read the book Moby Dick by Herman Melville. It is about a whaling adventure, particularly the adventure of Ishmael. Ishmael is a young man who went on many different ships. He went on these trips for many different reasons, but he is going on this adventure mostly because of the thought of the big whales. Because of this thought, he ended up in New Bedford, where he found out the ship he wanted to be on had already shipped out. He had to stay in that little town before he could get a ride to the port of Nantucket his final destination. The story continues on to tell all about his adventures from his point of view. First of all he had to stay the night in a room that did not cost much. The problem is he had to find one. He looked and looked, until he found one, “The Spouter Inn.” Unfortunately he was informed that the rooms were all filled up, but if he wanted to he could room with someone. Ishmael did not want to do that. He decided that he would just sleep on a bench in the bar. That option proved to be too cold so he decided to go ahead and use the room. The proprietor told him the person that used the room probably would not come that night anyway. Unfortunately the man, Queequeg, did …show more content…
Captain Ahab had a peg leg and a disposition nobody wanted to deal with. He was known if messed with to kick someone with that peg leg. He lost his leg on a whaling adventure, probably much like this one. You see, a whale, named Moby-Dick was the culprit. Captain Ahab was set on killing that annoying whale. It was a whale that had eluded many a whaler, while destroying many a life. Captain Ahab mood was one of determination and hatred. It was because of this determination and hatred that one day he called all the sailors together and declared to them that whomever sees Moby-Dick and then finishes him off will be rewarded with a gold coin. Captain Ahab wanted that to pay for what it had done to

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