Essay about The Whales Should Not Be Held Prisoner

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Orca Whales Should Not Be Held Prisoner In Tanks Animals of all species are held in captivity around the world, from giant African Elephants, to tiny Tree Frogs from the Amazon Rain Forest. There are many reasons for humans to hold animals captive. Some animals such as tigers or pandas are held in captivity to ensure that the species does not go extinct. Some others are being rehabilitated or are not capable of being released back into the wild due to an incident occurring in their past. These animals are given the proper care, in sanctuaries, to live out their lives since they would not be able to survive in the wild. On the other end of the spectrum, many animals are being held captive without any benefit to the individual animal or the species. One of the most controversial cases involves the animal Orcinus Orca, better known as the Orca whale. Orcas have been wrongfully captured and held in facilities, that don’t begin to compare to the open ocean, since 1961. SeaWorld argues that seeing the exotic orcas in person allows people to learn about the behavior of the whales from the specimens themselves. Not to mention they will also insist training the orcas is beneficial for the animals because it makes routine check-ups safer for both the trainers and whales. Additionally, SeaWorld claims is that the orcas are fed a proper diet and a predatory way of feeding is implemented into the furnishing of food
(SeaWorld). These things may all sound great, but they are not always…

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