The Westminster Model Of New Zealand Essay

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In this essay will be a detailed explanation about the Westminster model in New Zealand. There has been a significant change in the Westminster model since it was established since 1840 after British settlers brought the Westminster model to New Zealand. The key principle changes include mixed member proportional(MMP), multi-party system, coalition government and change in executive power. Although these are only just some of the significant changes that have had an impact on the Westminster model of government in New Zealand. The New Zealand government was based on the Westminster system but have made changes to suit New Zealand. New Zealand moving away from the old Westminster system has meant that New Zealand are in control of their own country.
One of the most obvious changes to the Westminster system was the change from First past the post(FPP) to Mixed Member Proportional(MMP). When the Westminster model was established by New Zealand it adopted the FPP system. FPP was basically the voting system in New Zealand where the people would vote for an MP with the winner being the person who had the most votes gaining full control over the government. There were certain problems with this including the fact that all other representatives would be excluded from representation in the government. Although the certain party got the most votes they did not necessarily get the majority of all of the votes. These disadvantages eventually led to the significant shift to MMP that…

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