Essay about The West Is A Group Of Nations

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The West is a group of nations consisting of The United States of America, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. These countries are the powerhouses of the world and are some of the most developed countries today. The West is heavily involved in international law, The UN, and influences many global issues. The West is also the centre of the world as the people who reside there are typically financially stable, it is a large area of the world, and has luxurious cities. While quite prosperous and rich, the West is hated by many other nations. The West has poor education, is considered to have distasteful culture, and is often accused of being racist and unwelcoming to foreigners. This disdain is mostly aimed towards The United States of America. Their foreign policy, politics, and warfare have angered many countries such as Palestine and Cuba. Animosity towards the west exceeds past those arguments. The culture as a whole is extremely disliked by East Asian and Arab countries. Hatred towards the West goes back into history when Europeans were colonizing regions inhabited by indigenous groups. Nations hate the West due to cultural reasons, warfare, political aspects, poor education and colonialism.

Many countries view the West as a region full of rude, unkind and racist people. This opinion, while usually aimed solely at America, is a popular thought amongst East Indian, African and Arab nations. An immigration website for East Indians explains to Indian immigrants that…

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