The Well Being And Overall Awareness Of The World Essay

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Anthropology is an interesting field which accounts for a significant amount of knowledge of different groups of people around the world. This information is gained by ethnographic research projects conducted by anthropologists. It is important that we continue the work of anthropology for the well being and overall awareness of the world. For my ethnographic research project, I will be researching the Chippewa tribes located in Wisconsin. The Chippewa are also known as Ojibwa and are prominently located in southern Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The tribe located in Wisconsin is considered to be the leading tribe of the Chippewa as a whole. Over time, they have spread out over the northern areas of America due to Americanization and modernization. The Chippewa people have suffered from structural and symbolic violence since the discovery of the “new land,” but today, they mainly suffer from symbolic violence.
The main factors of their suffering are modernization and non-Native Americans pushing for a more American way of life. As a result, we see that their native language is in danger. The push for modernization has brought upon certain expectations of all Native Americans as a whole. Stereotypically, Native Americans should own casinos, make cigars, and have pow wows. While the pow wow portion is more so true, these expectations make life very difficult for them. Today, they are expected to live their lives a certain way, such as owning/working…

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