The Weimar Republic During The Post War Period Essay

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One of the great questions of history is: How was the Nazi party allowed to come to power? It is important to note that the National Socialists did not win power through a coup or by forcibly taking over but in fact were democratically elected into power by the German people. This means that normal people allowed one of the most evil regimes in history to take total control over their entire lives. It makes one have to ask: How did the Nazis convince the German people to accept them and their policies? This question is further complicated by the fact that Germany in the post-war period was one of the most progressive and intelligent nations on Earth. The Weimar Republic had allowed for great achievements in architecture, film, and science*. Germans were (and remain) some of the most well educated and affluent people in Europe and there was no shortage of publications that informed the public about their nation or government*. Add to this the fact that most people thought little of Adolf Hitler when they first met him and he was seen by many in his and other nations as little more than a screeching demagogue whose only appeal was to rabble-raise crowds of angry youth and delusional ultra-nationalist former military officers*. It was believed by most of the political intelligentsia that Hitler and his radical party were a fad that would soon burn itself out once a “real” party came to prominence. So how did such a small, radical, and little liked party transform into…

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