Essay on The Weimar Republic And The Treaty Of Versailles

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Weimar Republic established in 1919 was a republic government based on a democratic constitution. The Weimar Republic remained unstable and eventually collapsed due to its association with the Treaty of Versailles, its inability to effectively handle the failing economy, and the lack of organization throughout the bureaucracy. Without rigid decision-making and discipline, the government allowed Hitler to rise through the ranks by playing on the public’s nationalism and fear of Communism, thus leading to the rise of what would be known as the Third Reich. Overall the Weimar Republic failed in democracy, it lasted fourteen years, which was two years longer than “Thousand-Year Reich” Hitler’s Nazi regime promised. The Weimar Republic achieved much culturally such as being the first European power after Russia to allow women the right to vote and establishing a very modern society. However, in the end, it could not sustain itself throughout the turbulent political atmosphere.
Association with Treaty of Versailles: Following their surrender of WW1, Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. During 1919, the European allies viewed Germany as a leading instigator of World War One and proposed a treaty of obligations that Germany agreed too. In the Versailles Treaty Germany agreed to losing colonies, military power and the most prominent portion of the treaty was Article 231 also known as the War Guilt Clause. “The Allied and Associated Governments affirm and Germany accepts the…

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