The Weimar Republic And The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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Have you heard about the Weimar Republic? You may haven’t mostly because the Weimar Republic changed its name. It’s named the country of Germany. I know shocker, well now you know what the Weimar republic is. Now you maybe be asking yourself, who invented the Weimar republic? Well, that’s easy, The Weimar Republic was made by Friedrich Ebert. When Kaiser Wilhelm fled to the Netherlands he told Freidrich to make a democracy to follow the Treaty of Versailles because, The treaty stated that Germany needed to change its ways of ruling over it’s people. So he did he gather the german Reich and they met at Weimar because berlin was too dangerous because of the communists rebellion. So there, in 1919 Germany changed its way of government and they became the Weimar Republic. I know pretty interesting and that 's just the beginning imagine what you can learn if I give you a “timeline” in this essay and this is what I 'm going to do in the following paragraphs i will give you information from 6 weeks of studying in depth, the Weimar Republic so that you can learn all I know about the Weimar Republic and so you can comprehend the Weimar Republic in depth as well. I will answer a series of question to make you better understand the weimar Republic. First of all, in what way did the Treaty of Versailles affect the Weimar Republic? The Treaty of versailles, it was the declaration of the end of war, so the big three(france, great britain, and the united states) needed to blame…

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