Essay on The Weimar Republic And The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Weimar Republic was created to end World War 1 because the Allie’s would have never agreed to sign a peace treaty with the Monarch that rules Germany at the time. It was the first time that Germany was never ruled by a democratic government until now and the situation that the Weimar Republic was formed under made it an uneasy system. People sometimes think that the reason the Weimar Republic fell was because of Hitler and the Nazi party however it was just a simple matter of cause-and-effect. The Weimar Republic fell because of the several conflicts between each political party and their different ideals, inevitable series of events that would devastate the Republic through civil unrest which ended up of the people looking to extreme right winged parties to save the country that led to the rise of the right wing parties and saw the fall of the Weimar Republic.
The responses to the Treaty of Versailles were very significant which generated intense political debate and divisions amongst the Weimar Republic. The treaty’s rules were very severe for Germany and caused a lot of trouble with the economy, military and the civilian population which led to different opinions about the Treaty and how to respond to it. Right nationalist groups, like the Nazis, demanded the Weimar Republic to refuse to acknowledge the treaty or comply with its terms. Moderate and pragmatists rejected this approach as they believed it would provoke foreign powers to strangle Germany economically and…

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