Essay on The Weight Of Weight Weights

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Another Pound of Nothing
For any wrestler, it´s a long and excruciating process, but well worth the pain to reach the pinnacle of his journey: to be a state champion. Before the wrestling season, a wrestler needs to be mentally and physically prepared. This journey is anything but easy, and sometimes to have the most success, wrestlers must cut weight. Cutting weight puts the wrestler at a lower weight, helping him control wrestling matches easier. The wrestler has to create physical goals through exercise, dieting, weight checks, all while remaining mentally motivated. Pursuing these goals will determine how the individual 's season will end.

The first step to reaching the ¨goal weight¨ is exercising enough to keep the weight down. I must fit in my exercises throughout the day. The first exercise of the day begins when my alarm sounds at 6:30 a.m. Before school starts, and any of my classmates are even awake, I go for a long three mile run. With sweatpants and a sweatshirt on, the long thirty minute run drags on to what seems like forever. As the treadmill slows to a stop, I hop off, wipe away the sweat, and hop into the shower.

I complete my next workout at practice, after school. I need to sustain a warm-up and consistent sweat before practice, so I go for a hard run around the hallways. Once practice starts, dehydration and fatigue affects my run down body. During the first five minutes of practice, dry cotton mouth symptoms build up inside of my thirsty mouth. My…

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