The Weight Of Our Nation Essay

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The weight of our nation is getting out of control. It is so common for people to be obese or overweight. Children as well as adults are far overweight. Being overweight or obese can lead to many health issues, including heart disease. We, as a nation, need to work together to help the overweight and obese population become more active and healthy. Cindy, a women who participated in the study, was born and raised in Bogalusa Louisiana, Cindy weighed 99 pounds when her and her husband got married. She has struggled with her weight since her first child was born. Cindy was one of many who took part of the Bogalusa Heart Study. This study showed overweight and obese children have a higher risk of heart disease at earlier ages. Parents of overweight children need to take control in their children 's lives. Parents have a huge impact on their children 's health habits. Instead of your child sitting in front of the tv, or laying video games, encourage them to go outside and be active. The obesity epidemic has gotten worse over the last 30 years. Personally, I have no sympathy for obese people. There are many ways to prevent obesity. Some people have disorders which make them obese, but others are just lazy. If you are overweight because you do not exercise and eat healthy, it is a shame. Obesity is often preventable. To prevent obesity, you should stay fit, and eat healthy. Instead of spending the day on your couch with your favorite snack, get up and go for a walk. Humans are…

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