The Website At First Glance Looks Very Blue, White And Bright

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The Youthline website at first glance looks very blue, white and bright. The homepage looks simple with photos of young people, what they do and their activities plastered right away. This is one of the strengths of the site, as it engages the visitors well by the motions and the movements of the screen, it gets the visitor’s attention. It also attracts stakeholders, as they’ll see some of Youthline’s programs and activities right away. The website also allows its visitors to change the colours of the site and there are a variety of colour choices such as green, red, black and purple. This is another strength of the site as it makes it very interactive and appealing, especially for their targeted group, the young people, and we can see that the site is more focused on the targeted group rather than the stakeholders, although they do showcase all their stakeholders on the home page, which makes stakeholders feel like they are valued. The site also has quizzes included in their Info Zone page, making it more appealing to young people, and the quizzes are also informative and educational as it concerns issues such as alcohol and bullying.

The Internet has continually been a strong and helpful tool for sending messages to people nationwide or worldwide due to its effectiveness and its ability to be interactive (Kenix, 2007). There is contact information everywhere on the site. It has an Info Zone, About and Contact and Services page full of information about Youthline, their…

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