The Website, A Reliable Source And Accurate Source For Information About History

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The website that I chose was from a because it is a reliable source and because they also have a television channel that has accurate facts that people took time into researching facts about history. You can tell that it is a reliable and accurate source for information about Pompeii because the publisher of the website is A&E Television Networks and that network actually takes time to look at facts about history and make sure they tell accurate information to their researchers because they have such a huge following. The website is where people can get more information about things they had researched and they should be able to tell millions of people the accurate information about stuff in order for them to have a good reputation. Also the year the website was published, was in 2010 which is relevant because it will have more information about the past of Pompeii than an article about Pompeii that was publish in 1990. This website led me to believe that it was a reliable source, because it had lots of information about the article, and even videos about Pompeii that gave tons of historical facts and even broke down the life of Pompeii in different segments to help you understand everything. All the other websites I looked at had little information or too many pictures and not enough information. I can say is the only website I saw with more than one video about Pompeii and had more information about Pompeii, which led me to believe that it’s more…

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