Essay on The Web Of Friendship Revision

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The Web of Friendship Revision Friendship is imperative to us; it impacts our lives and shapes our character. However, there is a misconception regarding what friendship really is. When people are asked about their best friend, they instantly envision someone they live close to, or a classmate at school. However, not all friendships are so easily fabricated. In fact, my best friend lives in Massachusetts, and we’ve never met face-to-face. My first exposure to the internet came with a stern warning from my parents; don’t talk to stranger. Don’t download files from a strange website, and stay away from Youtube and Facebook. Perhaps it’s reasonable, as I was eleven at the time. However, I’ve come to learn that it’s much deeper than that. My parents, for whatever reason, had a firm belief that the internet was a bad place. Crawling with pedophiles, drug dealers, and murderers, I was granted little freedom. Besides my collection of CD-ROM games, the old desktop computer wasn’t used for much. Placed in the middle of my basement, I had no idea what my computer was capable of. The few times I opened the internet, it was to check Kol-- a kids’ version of Aol. I never realized how many web addresses existed outside of that one url I knew. As I matured, this began to change. I ventured out of the small bubble I was allowed. The first website I found was Youtube, on which I created an account. It’s a simple website, where I can listen to music as I please, and watch interesting…

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