The Wealth Of The United States Essay examples

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The wealth of the United States was built on slavery. Slaves provided a living for families in the colonies through numerous ways while sacrificing everything they had and did not have. The growth and development of the United States moved forward with the expanding need of cotton and sugar. Tobacco and indigo were cash crops that also beamed in the mist of slavery as a profitable means for slave owners. With the increase of the United States population in the areas of Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri and Louisiana more slaves were imported into America to produce popular goods and meet the demands of consumers all through the Atlantic region of the United States.
In the article Slavery, Settlement and Empire the author John Craig Hammond mentions that slavery was a highly important topic in the strings of the economy, social and political dealings amount the Caucasian settlers during the seven years’ war and the Louisiana Purchase. Slavery was a part of international trade, capturing persons of African descent and selling them into slavery was a huge business during this time. Some people were so involved with slave trade that even when the transference of slaves was illegal in certain areas traders still managed to smuggler slaves into America. Importers and planters saw slavery as such an important item that they established and maintained networks to supply slaves from the Caribbean to increase the supply of slaves in America. Even with resistance from African…

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