Essay about The Wealth Of Nations ( Wn )

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The Wealth of Nations (WN) was a pioneering book exploring economic ideas which contradicted those that were in place at the time it was written. Many of the theories outlined are still relevant today. Adam Smith published the WN in 1776, by this time he already had gained a reputation as a notable writer following the publication of The Theory of Moral Sentiments in 1759. The plan of the work is logically structured and provides good summaries of the main themes which follow. The first four paragraphs introduce the reader to the main themes which are subsequently developed. The chapter order is very logical starting with economic principles such as the division and application of labour and building up to the bigger picture focusing on government and law. Paragraphs five to nine correspond with the books one to five. Book one and paragraph five are my focus where I will examine whether the plan of work is adequate in summarising the book and whether the introduction highlights the key themes of the WN.
Paragraphs one to four of the introduction and plan of the work outline the importance of the application of labour. In paragraph one Smith illustrates the concept of annual labour and how it supplies all of the ‘necessaries and conveniences’ of life which is consumed in a year (Smith, 1976, introduction and plan of the work, paragraphs 1-4). In paragraph two Smith builds on this concept to show that a nation’s produce will either ‘bear a greater or smaller proportion to the…

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