Essay on The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations

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People have wondered for many years, why certain nations have succeeded, while others fall. This question has intrigued many people. From economist, scientist, to historians. David S. Landes an economic historian who was a professor at Harvard University, tries to answer the question of why some nations are wealthier than others, while others suffer from poverty. In his book The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some Are So Rich and Some So Poor David Landes uses his background in economics and history to see the correlations of the nation’s history in economic development and how they are doing today. Besides looking at the economic history; he also looks at how the culture, and society could affect the economic status of the country. David looks at the development of the United States, Europe, Latin America, parts of Asia, and the Arab nation. While looking at the development of Nations, he uses theories of past economics like Adam Smith’s book the Wealth of Nations to strengthen his argument, and how the geography of a nation can affect where they are today. I believe that David Landes was right, about how geography will affect a nation, and how everything in life can affect our economy.
In each country there has always been a huge development where they would start relying on machines, because of this transition with the machines’ a country would have an improved quality of life. The Industrial Revolution was always the start of a country taking its first steps to a…

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