The Ways of Thinking Essay examples

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All people on planet Earth are different. Some think that the city life is the ideal place to live, others think the suburbs are. The short story “My Little Bit of Country” by Susan Cheever deals with the life of the protagonist, who is Susan herself, from early age to adulthood. The story depicts Cheever’s life in New York City and shows the eternal love she has for the city life, being the exact opposite of her view on the country life. Central to story are the themes growing-up and urban living vs. suburban living. To comment on the short story and on its main points it is obvious that Cheever tries to convince her readers to obtain the same opinion as she has regarding whether to live in the city or in the country. Cheever attempts …show more content…
The noises from the city would in this case overwhelming and frightening because the city, unlike the country, never sleeps.
The contrasts between city life and country life are made very clear by Cheever. Cheever’s story is filled with praising phrases that without doubt shows her love for Central Park and her repulsiveness for the country: “Why would I want to swim in someone’s muddy pond crawling with leeches when I could perch myself on a marble basin and cool myself with splashing clear water…” (p. 8). At some point in Cheever’s life she hears about the American artist called Andy Warhol, who has the exact same mindset as Cheever regarding urban vs. suburban life. He states that it is better to live in the city because it is possible to find a little bit of country in the city, hence the title of the short story, but in the country there is no city. This means that they both think New York, or cities in general, are a better place to live. For Cheever Central Park fulfills everything she needs of the countryside, so in this sense the city has it all. Cheever does not need the nature in her life since the city has all features. Cheever also nags on the country life by saying: “Country children may have ponies, but my kids had the delicious Carousel… Suburban children had fancy art classes; my children had the Metropolitan Museum of Art” (p. 9). By including phrases like these, Cheever puts urban living in a superior position in comparison with suburban

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