Essay The Way We Walk

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The way we walk, the way we talk and down to if you prefer the toilet paper under or over is all because the process of enculturation. It’s the oldies music I love because The Grand Illusion was the only CD my dad had as we drove all the way to Mexico. I was seven when we took that road trip and it was the biggest culture shock I had experienced up until then. The stacked houses, dense shopping malls, and vibrant social squares were blanketed with the smell of beef and potatoes. All of this overwhelmed me and sent me into an inward spiral, lost in how to even begin in a place so foreign. Everyone looked like me but I felt like a complete outsider and had to go through the hardest process of acculturation so far. Forced to become aware, apprehend, and accept the host cultures appropriate behaviors and norms for effective communication competence. Fundamentally, enculturation is the process we live through to obtain culture, while, acculturation is the process of two cultures coming into contact and adhering to the others beliefs. “So come sail away with me” (Young, 1977), as we explore enculturation, acculturation, and what links these two fundamental communication processes.
When we are born we are a “blank slate” by which the stuff of culture is absorbed into, it becomes our ideas, behaviors, beliefs, and attitude. We obtain these from our families, from our peers, and from institutions like school. Culture is obtained by using all five senses and is communicated, not…

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