The Way We Consume Food On Modern Society Is Physically And Psychologically Unhealthy

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The way we consume food in modern society is physically and psychologically unhealthy. As suggested by Kelly (2014), we currently live in a society where our thoughts are bombarded with all our home and busy work stresses. We are not always aware of the things we are consuming. A change must be ensued and I need to make these changes so that I am healthy overall. For the past month, I have noticed that I’ve been gaining large amounts of weight. It definitely started showing in my abdominal region, allowing me to consistently feel some pain. I felt an unbearable pain on my abdominal region, and even had difficulty breathing. Additionally, I had an unexplainable discomfort on my upper back area that was linked to the breathing issue. All these pain I experienced were all due to the unhealthy way that I was eating. I went to the doctor after I experienced the pain and my doctor informed me that maybe the pains were due to the amounts and types of food I was eating. She even mentioned that maybe it had something to do with me being constantly stressed, which led me to also eat even more. Therefore, I thought that maybe some changes to my eating habits would ensure a better quality of life. I decided to change this horrible habit of mine so that I can improve my physical well-being since it’s linked to my ability to think and perform better.
According to Martin, Prichard, Hutchinson, & Wilson (2013), variables which facilitated my physical well-being consist of control…

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