The Way Police Serve Their Communities Essay

1230 Words May 6th, 2016 5 Pages
The way police serve their communities have been organized around different philosophies which are not always perfect but have had a lot of success. Traditional, problem-oriented, community oriented, and order maintenance policing models of policing are very different but ultimately have one goal, a way to solve problems in the community. Crime has evolved over the years and so must policing so that there is order. Some of these methods like traditional policing is still widely used and is the core of all policing even with other methods being used. Location is also a factor when it comes to the success of these different models. Traditional policing is the best known model of policing and is still a standard style of law enforcement. It is a reactive style of policing where police officers react to service calls and crime when they are on patrol. This type of policing is still the foundation of all policing and is used everywhere with the combination of other styles of policing. It is not completely the same as other types of policing however, this is very different from community oriented policing. The difference between the two is that for traditional policing the officers do not really involve the community when they are stopping crime. For community oriented policing, officers team up with their community to help solve problems that lead to crime in the first place. This was not entirely liked by police officers but loved by management. It could have been due to…

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