The Way People Teach A Tradition Essay

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Research paper
The way people teach has become a tradition. Even now, that there have been studies that prove there are more effective ways for teaching, there has been little change. There are more variables in how quickly someone learns than what most believe. Learning is not necessarily just dependent on the person. There are many inconsistencies that impact an individual’s learning. Learning is dependent on the teacher. However contrary to popular belief, there are more variables that effect success in learning, than just the teacher. The environment and motivation have huge impacts on learning. Some other examples are length of instructional time, and the type of mindset an individual has. The way the material is presented and the engagement of the student also gauges the student’s ability to learn. Teaching can be altered to be more effective and fun. Having an extended learning period has been proven to be helpful. An experiment has been conducted on students in the grades 2-5, comparing traditional schools with a summer school and a year-long school (Stien, Marc, Rose 3). The students in a year round calendar school had 5-6 more weeks of instructional time than the students in the summer school (Stien, Marc, Rose 4). In the end, the students in summer school did learn more than students in traditionally scheduled school, however their grades did not dramatically improve (Stien, Marc, Rose 4). Also summer schools were very helpful for minorities and students with…

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