Essay on The Way Of Society As A Discipline Tool For Humans

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In the year of 2011, a young college student by the name of Alexandra Wallace was brought into the cruel spotlight of society. Wallace was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles at the time. She posted a video on YouTube, complaining about how the Asians at UCLA did not know how to act properly in an American society. She was mostly irritated by the fact the Asians did not know how to act in a library and would speak too loudly on their phones. She is now known today as the insulting girl that went to UCLA. Society was not too thrilled about her point of view on the whole situation. Within a day society disciplined her harshly and caused her to regret her actions. Michel Foucault, a French philosopher was big on discipline. The way society disciplined Wallace, connects with Foucault’s perspective of how society as a discipline tool for humans. Although Foucault lived in the 1900s, his teachings still apply to today’s society. Foucault was big on the relationship between knowledge and power. People took action once they saw Wallace as a threat and they put her in her place. Michel Foucault’s concept of discipline helps us understand what happened to Wallace, because everyone is controlled by society’s norms and expectations. Michel Foucault 's “Discipline and Punish” was published in 1975 and was focused on convincing society that power and knowledge should be treated as two separate things. A chapter named “Panopticism,” however, is about a…

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