Essay on The Way Of Heaven By Dante

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The way of heaven In the middle of the life, Dante loses the way, and walk into the dark forest. While Dante is trying to be on the right track of heaven, but three beasts, leopard, lion and wolf, block Dante’s front way. Also, there is darksome wood in the back road, so Dante starts to come to the Hell with his redeemer, Virgil. The Hell is composed by nine circles: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery, which is worth to analyze. Why does Dante get into the heaven finally? Because Dante goes through the hell before he arrived to the heaven with Virgil’s help, and he is not left in hell. How about why don’t people go to the heaven? Do people lose themselves on the way? Are people kept in the hell? let us have some deep researches about the reasons how the Dante design this order of Hell here. Inferno’s nine circles present different nine sins, which revealed the general mood of society of that time and also explained the difficulties. The readers may imagine how corrupt the society was, how tenebrous the Church was when they are reading this book. Therefore, Dante marks off these nine circles with his attitude and standpoint. Finally, he can get to the heaven, but others can’t, because others are suffering in the hell.
“Through me to the city dolorous lies the way, Who pass through me shall pains eternal prove, Through me are reached the people lost for aye.” (CANTO III 1-3 ) It’s the words on the door of hell’s entrance. As it says,…

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