The Way Deaf People : An Intense Thriller Essay

1179 Words Nov 13th, 2016 5 Pages
The way Deaf people are presented in television and movies has a huge impact on the way hearing society perceives the Deaf community. Often times, Deaf people are represented as two dimensional characters defined by their deafness but Hush breaks that mold. Hush is an intense thriller that centers on a young Deaf woman who must fight for her life while being antagonized by a masked serial killer. The main character, Maddie, is a Deaf author who uses American Sign Language (ASL) as her primary mode of communication but is also capable of lip reading and writing in English. Early in the movie, we learn that Maddie lost her hearing at age 13 after obtaining bacterial meningitis. She lives alone in a house isolated in the woods where she spends most of her time working on writing her books. The movie begins will Maddie being visited by her friend and neighbor who is trying to learn ASL from Maddie. The two part after meeting, but the neighbor is quickly chased back to Maddie’s house by a masked killer. The audience sees the neighbor screaming and banging on Maddie’s window trying to get her attention. Unfortunately, the neighbor is right outside of Maddie’s field of vision and gets killed by the masked man. This informed the killer that Maddie is deaf. The rest of the plot revolves around the killer antagonizing Maddie. The audience is kept on the edge of their seats as the plot progresses. Maddie quickly demonstrates that her deafness is not a disadvantage in her fight for…

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