Essay on The Way Creative Industries And Western Economies

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The way creative industries rooted in western economies could drive smaller “industries”, like rural communities for instance, to use creativity to ‘shape people’s livelihood’(Collective Action and Property Rights fro Poverty Reduction, p. 328) towards a creation of collectives that would perhaps coalesced together ‘update’ their environment. At a community level, rural Cambodia’s system, as mentioned previously, plods along of cultural bridges, in fact, one of the most serious problem is that many ‘golden’ investments are offered in big cultural centres, such as Phnom Pen or Sihanoukville, but surely not enough proposal are offered to the remaining 80% of the population that live in poor rural communities spread around the country. Therefore it is rational to believe that a lot of potential it is forgotten, eclipsed by prior economical interests that lead “big” investors (the minority) finance in more secure markets. That 80% need opportunity. Also depending on difference policies in each developing countries, it is common to almost all local communities a main limitations, that is, a lack of establishments that link rural activities (or rural arts) to a economy response or to other organisations settled around the country. The reason is why in Cambodia connection between these hypothetical establishments would originate other issues considering that roads, internet connections and a great number of other service and the services we are used today in western countries are…

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