The Way Art Moves The Soul Essay

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The Way Art Moves the Soul

Many concerned parents and educators argue that art class it is a waste of the student’s time and that students should be focusing on their academic education. Today, education is defined as attending school to acquire knowledge in the courses of mathematics, science, literature, social studies. Consequently, the art budget is being cut in many public schools. Jesse LaTourette explains that “The main reason for this is because of how costly it can be to the school,” As a result, an issue appears in which children are becoming less creative in their approaches and solutions to problem solving.
With creativity in children dropping, their ways in dealing with the stress that school can bring decrease, and in turn, they begin to retain less information because of the stress that is pressed upon them. Students that are stressed are unable to concentrate in their other classes; and thus their grades drop, ultimately affecting college acceptance rates. The National Institute of Health explains in an article that, “Many scientists agree that the arts can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve well-being and enhance the way we fight infection.” It is important that we find a way to prevent the art budget from been reduced or eliminated altogether. There are four steps to get this idea under way, but are not impossible to formulate.
Step one to this problem is to get the arts out into the educational community with showcases at school. This is rather…

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