The Wave Essay

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Who are, and what are your impressions of the following characters after those three chapters?
The main characters are a couple of students and a teacher named Ben Ross. The students you get to know are, Laurie Saunders, Amy Smith, David Collins, Robert Billings, Brian Ammon, Carl Block and Alex Cooper

I would say that Laurie Saunders is the main character, because it’s often in her perspective you see things. She’s also the one who doesn’t really believe that the wave is a good thing and that makes her different from the others.

Amy Smith is Laurie's’ friend who is a little bit shy and kind of lives in Laurie’s shadow. She’s like the third wheel to Laurie and her boyfriend David, she seems to be interested in David’s friend but is
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Because a wave is a pattern of chance, it has direction movement and impact.

What were its mottoes? How did the students react and why? (own thoughts?)
Strength through action, Strength through discipline, Strength through community is the mottoes so far. Mr Ross thinks that the students react in good ways because the are much more disciplined and everyone is equal even Robert who were bullied.

What was going on in the classroom? Positive and negative aspects? Discipline, community, action? Describe what was going on + own comments.
The class got a lot more disciplined since mr. Ross brought the Wave to the class. All the students are active in the class, Robert is an example of that, because he slept on Mr. Ross’s classes in the beginning but when Mr. Ross brought the Wave to the class he got a lot more active. The thing that is bad with the Wave is that the students who didn’t want to join the Wave got bullied and a lot of students were forced to join.

Do you see any changes in the way the characters started acting, speaking and thinking? Own comments.
All the characters changed in the way they acted. The ones who joined the wave got more strict and got mad for things they wouldn't gotten mad about before. The ones who didn’t join where most of the time scared and tried to fight it.

What did Alex mean when he said: “Maybe we should give ourselves a name” … “If they’re The Wave, we could be The Ripple.”
Alex wanted to give themselves a

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