The Wave Of The R Wave Essay

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Once the P wave initiates the signal, the R wave is the first upward deflection after that. Anyone can easily recognize it on the electrocardiogram (ECG). That is because it is the largest one out of all the waveforms. The R wave corresponds to the depolarization of the left and right ventricles. It does not need the Q wave to be the first deflection at all. Also, note that there can be multiple R waves. Throughout the paper, it will discuss all the wave functions, specifically the R wave, any abnormalities and how every waveform and parts of the body rely on one another to work properly. There are five waveforms: P wave, Q wave, R wave, S wave and T wave. The P wave is the SA node and it is the main starter of the electrical conduction of the heart. This wave is the first thing that is seen on the ECG sheet and shows the atrial depolarization. The Q wave is the downward deflection following the P wave and sometimes it can be seen other times it cannot. This wave shows ventricular depolarization. The next two waves that also indicates ventricular depolarization is the R wave and S wave. The R wave is the first upward deflection and similar to what was stated before, this particular wave doesn’t need the Q wave to show the upward deflection. The S wave is the first negative deflection. Lastly, the T wave represents repolarization of the ventricles meaning the right and left ventricles are relaxed. After the contraction of the ventricles. The R wave as we…

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