Essay The Water Quality Of Water

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It is evident throughout the world today that the quality of water has become increasingly important in terms of not only ensuring that every individual has an adequate quality and quantity of the substance, but also for the maintenance and sustainability of the world’s natural environment (. However despite water quality remaining as an essential part of life for all living organisms, the influence of human developments involving farms and urban areas have brought a somewhat negative impact to the environment where the quality of water has decreased, due to the effects of multiple detrimental limitations. In the case of Freshwater creek, the quality of its respective water supply has been altered due to the manipulation of several potential water parameters which will be considered and tested throughout the course of this report, in order to thoroughly and accurately determine the water quality of the creek in respect to the multiple environmental factors co-existing in the area. The three parameters which will be utilized throughout the investigation are as follows:
Dissolved oxygen
This particular parameter is one that refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen (O2) that exists within the creek’s water supply. This form of the oxygen element is invisible to the naked eye as well as, and more importantly, is not a component of the H2O molecule existing within the water (, 2016). As an alternative, it originates from the oxygen released from…

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