Essay on The Water Is Wide, Pat Conroy And Mrs. Brown

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In The Water is Wide, Pat Conroy and Mrs. Brown have very different points of view in their teaching. They both use different approaches in their way of teaching and disciplinary actions to their students. Pat Conroy is very surprised to find out how little these poor young black children actually know. The Water is Wide excerpt showed many cultural models that displayed the differences in Pat Conroy and Mrs. Brown. Pat Conroy was new to Yamacraw. He had no idea what he was about to experience and all that he was about to find out. Mrs. Brown was another teacher at Yamacraw that also taught there and helped Pat Conroy to get settled in. She gave as many pointers as she could to Conroy, but what she said did not help once he figured out the real problem he was facing. Both teachers had exceptionally different backgrounds and view points. Mrs. Brown was assertive and used disciple a lot in her classroom. As stated from the text, “You’ve got to treat them stern. Tough, you know,” Mrs. Brown is clearly expressing her thoughts of how her classroom is run. While Pat Conroy did not want his classroom atmosphere to be so strict and teacher center, he wanted a personal relationship with his students. Mrs. Brown does not have a lot of faith in her students. Right off the bat, in her first-day assembly, she addressed the fact that most of the students were slow. She proceeded to say that everyone knows that they are all slow, and that there are only two students that…

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