Analysis Of The Vulture And The Little Girl By Philip White

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Over the years, media has been a strong element of entertainment. Whether photographs or videos, there is a strong expectation of an aesthetic or humorous appeal. However, in some rare occasions, they provide a powerful emotional appeal. Like Kevin Carter’s The Vulture and the Little Girl where a vulture was waiting to devour a starving five-year-old girl about to die of hunger, Charles Moore’s Life Magazine Birmingham 1963 Protest photo employs different photography elements such as focus, contrasts and shutter speed to capture a very pathetic moment and send a clear message to people around the world about events in a certain environment. As we progress in this analysis, I would refer to the image as “The Water Hose”.
Philip White, Michael
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The reaction on the woman’s face which show absolute pain or the pain the man assaulted by the hose experiences show us the struggle they face to be free from the shackles of segregation that holds them down in their country. The photo does not only leave us with a visual understanding of the experience of the subjects but also a series of questions to think about. For most people, water is a peacefully existing multi-purpose object. However, in The Water Hose it is being used as a weapon of assault and oppression. Are the people being cleansed out of their own community? Do they appear to be a burden that needs to be washed off by their community? One would also ask what the role of the Fire Department was in addressing a protest situation? What is their role in ensuring the safety of people in a protest that did not involve any use of fire? Why is it only the man to the extreme right on the receiving end of the assault? Is he protecting the others or he just happened to be the unfortunate one there at the particular moment the photo was taken? As we struggle to answer these questions, the photograph puts us in a state of confusion that might not even be resolved by consulting historical …show more content…
Nowadays, we have a lot of Charles Moore’s with their smartphones since the development of technology and social media has allowed people to record videos that spread an equal if not exceeding amount of awareness about issues as people utilize auto-focus and Twitter on their mobile phones. Moore’s photo would always serve as a continuous reminder of the role we all have as documenters of situations of injustices around us. The Water Hose also reminds us of the importance of critically engaging and analyzing the media we see around us to effect positive change in our communities. You do not need to be a photo-journalist to whip out your phone and record an injustice because that single act can play a small role in an incredible act just like the Birmingham 1963 Protests photo did in ensuring the Civil Rights act was passed into Law. Likewise, you do not need to be a broadcaster or legislator to enact the change you want to see after critically analyzing the media brought to

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