The Water : A Devastating Water Crisis Essay

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In the United States, a devastating water crisis is occurring. Water in the town of Flint, Michigan has been contaminated with toxic substances, resulting in residents getting sick. The problem originated from a water rehabilitation project when officials decided to build a pipeline in order to draw water from Lake Huron. However, the pipeline became too expensive and was never finished. Instead officials elected to draw municipal water from the Flint River instead. Sadly, the Flint River contains a high amount of minerals and salt. The highly corrosive minerals, mainly iron, in the water reacted with the lead in plumbing pipes, producing lead-contaminated, and undrinkable water. Local residents protested that their children were getting sick and blamed it on the water but were ignored by government leaders. Citizens continued to complain that their water was unsafe, and until a group of local researchers tested the water themselves, city officials continued to insist the water was safe. Once news of the water samples toxicity was broadcast in 2015 , Flint water became an embarrassment to city and state government. Residents were quickly issued bottled water and lead removal filters, but the harm caused by the contaminated water was already done.
The Flint water contamination crisis may be just the beginning of health problems for local residents. In Robert M. Sapolsky’s book titled “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” he describes how the human body maintains balance through a…

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