The Waste Of Waste Disposal Essay

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Have you ever paid attention to the waste that is produced by your family? Some people think that it is a small quantity of waste, compared with the waste produced by the factory and they downplay the importance of household waste disposal. In fact, there are some crucial facts that would show the importance of household waste disposal. We generate over 50 tons of household waste every second. Every two hours we can produce enough household waste to fill the world 's largest container ship. That is 12 container ships every single day and 4380 container ships in one year. With the world’s population increasing and community living standards rising, the domestic waste generation have increased dramatically. There is double to 3000 million tons in the amount of the domestic waste by 2030.Therefore the household waste has become one of the global environmental issues and how to deal with the domestic waste efficiently has a significant impact on the environment.Domestic waste is the symbol of inefficiency of any modern society and a representation of resources waste. The government’s management and policies and the individual habits of domestic waste disposal have a significant effect on the environment. There are many different ways of domestic waste disposal between developed and developing countries. This essay will select two typical countries to show the difference between the two countries. One is the UK which is a developed country and it was the world 's first country…

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