The Waste Of The Underground Environment Essay

1643 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
First of all, if we do not popularize the recycle, here will be a big problem which is landfills. This kind of problem also was a very common problem, it was easy to implement with a very low cost, it just buried underground and hierarchical manner casing landfill waste. However, this solution is not the most perfect way, it seems like did not pollute the earth’s surface, but it did pollute the underground environment. The buried garbage did not do the harmless disposal, it still remnants of a large number of bacteria and viruses, and it also has the potential for heavy metal pollution risks. Its garbage leachate contamination of groundwater resources will be long. The most lethal problem is that a great many organizations or individuals bury garbage underground without implementing the process of disinfection, which leave substantial amount of virus and heavy metal pollutants underground which have huge potential to influence public health negatively. Especially when people in third world nations rely heavily on underground water for irrigation and domestic usage. These poisons can easily enter the food chain and harm agricultural yield, public health and arable land in the long run. But, this kind of problem occurs mostly in developing countries, many developed countries are forbidden to do this. For these developing countries, they want to quickly become the developed countries. But the strength and economic capability of their country not yet reached the level of…

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