The Warrior Ethos By Steven Pressfield Essay

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The Warrior Ethos, is by Steven Pressfield depicts the warrior’s mentality, values, and even basic ethics from ancient times to the present with multiple points of views.In The Warrior Ethos, Pressfield states that “men are not born with the certain qualities that make a good warrior, but instead are inculcated through years of training and indoctrination, stating at an early age”. He shows that society can adopt ideas and values from Sparta, but at the same time keep our own unique values. Things have changed from ancient Sparta, where parents would be enthusiastic about their children going to war, and even more elated upon learning they died valorous in battle. These days, most parents are a lot more worrisome when it is their children going to war, there is obviously less support for their children to go to war which comes into account when they finally go home.

In ancient Sparta, young boys are stolen away from their mothers at age 7, to undertake their society’s own test of manhood, called the agoge. Things are now different in our American culture, but in the core of the test for your manhood it is inherently the same. For example, young men and women who join the US Military have to undergo their own “agoge” which would be boot camp/basic training, the most rigorous of these would be the United States Marine Corps Boot Camp, the Marines go through the most grueling time of their life during their agoge.Which in turn gives them the ultimate sense of pride…

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