The Warning Signs Of Bad Customer Service Essay

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Many companies no longer spend money to give customer service training to employees and instead hire employees with little to no customer service experience which results in negative consequences. Companies give employees a written script and employees are left to learn skills and knowledge through trial and error. This has wreaked havoc on the customer service industry. Bad customer service is the failure to respond to customer inquiries and complaints about products or services. To combat these bad practices, learn how to get the customer service you deserve.

The Warning Signs of Bad Customer Service
The warning signs of bad customer service include being rude, yelling at a customer, hanging up the phone on an angry customer, transferring customers to multiple agents, long hold times and response times, having conversations with other employees when interacting with a customer, avoiding eye contact with a customer and lack of attention to detail.

Getting the Customer Service You Deserve
Without customers there is no company, sometimes you have to remind the company of that when trying to get an issue resolved. The biggest mistake most people make according to Dave Kerpen, social media expert, “it 's not asking for what they want explicitly.” Jordan Harbinger, a founder of The Art of Charm, and a former Wall Street lawyer, suggests using specific language like “Are you able to refund $1,000 in unused services?”

Skip using the automated service and connect with a live…

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