The Warning Of Union High School Essay

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headaches or stomach aches, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, emotionally reticent, appears moody or depressed or appears to suffer from social anxiety and low self esteem, and any unexplained change in behavior (Wolfson). These warning signs can affect a person in different ways and they can hide these signs for a long time till you realize them. Elizabeth from Scotland started to tell her parents that she was ‘sick’ after fellow classmates were harassing her and bullying her in school. After that school year,she moved to another school again,and she didn’t know which school she’d move to, but she learned not to let bullies get to her. (StopBullying). Sticks and stones may break your bones, but mean words can tear holes in your spirit.

Union High School has rules in the handbooks given out at the beginning of each year which clearly states, “Bullying: 1st offense- warning and up to 10 days of OSS; 2nd offense- 1-3 days of ISS and up to 45 days of OSS; 3rd offense- 1-180 days of OSS or expulsion”(Union High School, 33). Every school in the Union District follows almost the same punishments for bullies,but the punishment is in effect if the teachers catch the bullying happen. The school systems in Union District can start having more supervision (Tamanini), because the more supervision around the schools, the more he school helps prevent more bullying from happening. Bullying happens typically where no one can see them so that the bully doesn’t get caught. Another…

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